Artist, forensic artist

Successfully finishing his dentist studies at the University of Leuven, he started designing jewelry, which he formed to fit the body of each individual. Eventually he found this form of art too limited to express his ideas, so he attended the courses for sculpture and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts at Heusden-Zolder.

Ludo Vermeulen practices different aspects of art, figurative as well as abstract but he is primarily known for his bronze figurines. They are a mirror of our society, seen by the eye of the artist and you’ll always find some humor or some satire either in the individual characters or in the idea behind it.

His work might remind you of Breugel and James Ensor, but it’s constantly changing as the artist’s ideas are too.

In 1997 he won a contest where the goal was to design a monument and this resulted into a monumental sculpture at the Industrial Park of Tessenderlo carrying his name.

Ludo always had a strong interest in history and everything concerning archaeology, so the fact that he began exploring the art of forensic and historical reconstructions was a pretty logical step on his way to grow as an artist. Now, after his specialization in forensic dentistry and forensic facial reconstructions in the United States and the UK, several of his works are exhibited in different museums .

His paintings reflect the same atmosphere as his sculptures and spectators are attracted to all the hidden figurines in the colorful backgrounds.